Transition to Remote and Rural Allied Health Practice Toolkit

The Toolkit is available in the SARRAH Circle.  You must be a SARRAH member to access the Toolkit.

The Toolkit revision has been proudly sponsored by the Rural Workforce Agencies Network; Monash University; NT Health and IAHA; guided by a dedicated Steering Committee of industry representatives; and supported by the generous contributions and reviews by fifty of your peers.
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You must be a SARRAH member to purchase the Toolkit.
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About the Toolkit
The Toolkit has been built to be a resource that you can access at any point and doesn’t need to be done in order. It includes the opportunity to engage with others through discussions and lesson comments.
The Toolkit has been built in the SARRAH Circle:

  • Welcome to the Toolkit
  • Toolkit people (discussion forum)
  • Community profiles (discussion forum)
  • Module 1: Remote and Rural Health: the Inside story
  • Module 2: IAHA Cultural Responsiveness Level 1 course (external and added cost):
  • Module 3: Primary Health Care
  • Module 4: Service delivery
  • Module 5: Professional skills
  • Module 6: Clinical skills
  • Module 7: Making clinical decisions
  • Module 8: Communication
  • Module 9: Ethical practice
  • Module 10: Working in teams
  • Module 11: Managing your wellbeing
  • Module 12: Professional development
  • Module 13: Getting support
  • Module 14: Starting out
  • Stories of Success (whole of Circle discussion forum)
  • Mentoring program (whole of SARRAH)