Transition to Remote and Rural Allied Health Practice Toolkit

SARRAH is currently redeveloping the Transition to Remote and Rural Practice Toolkit, scheduled for launch in late 2023, and available on SARRAH Circle.

Modules in development

Module 1: An introduction to Remote and Rural Allied Health
Module 2: IAHA Cultural Responsiveness Module
Module 3: Primary Health Care
Module 4: Service delivery
Module 5: Professional skills
Module 6: Clinical skills
Module 7: Making clinical decisions
Module 8: Communication
Module 9: Confidentiality and professional boundaries – ethical practice
Module 10: Working in teams
Module 11: Self-care
Module 12: Professional development
Module 13: Getting support

Module 14: Starting out

How to get involved

1. Share your story

Why not tell a great story, either written, or as video or audio? It's the stories that others need to hear. What's so great about working remote or rural?

2. Share your tips, your inside knowledge

Maybe you could write it down for us. We know that there's so much lived knowledge and experience out there - it would be great if you could take a few minutes to share.

3. Share the resources that you find useful

There's a lot out there - but what have you used that you know has been most useful?

4. Offer to review the materials as we develop them

Let us know what you're most interested in, and we'll match you to the relevant module/s.

5. Sponsor the Toolkit

Funding support to facilitate the revision, adaptation, and development of new expert content, and for technical design, build and maintenance would represent a targeted investment in a proven quality resource, with national, multi-professional and multi-sector reach and relevance. More info here: Collaborations (

Let us know! It's as simple as sending us an email: [email protected]

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