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 Transform your approach to service planning

SARRAH are proud to be hosting this event Monday 9th August with the help of Anna Moran and Susan Nancarrow from AHP Workforce!

As you know, at SARRAH we work to improve access to allied health services by influencing the actions of government, education providers and service organisations to develop and fund a fit-for-purpose allied health rural workforce to meet the current and future needs of rural and remote Australia.

As part of this vision, we have run a series of online workshops including a 4 part series on exactly this topic, project management for rural allied health professionals and a rural leadership program. AND, we are also almost ready to launch an online module to help rural AHPs introduce AHAs into their service or organisation! Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

So, to maximise the reach of this important topic, we have worked with the organisers of the 2021 National Allied Health Conference to bring you this pre-conference workshop to help you re-frame the way you approach and address your workforce or service problems.

While registrations are closed and the workshop is now fully booked, we thought we would give you all an opportunity to have a sneak peak at what Anna and Susan will be delivering on Monday. Click here to read through the worked case study and to download a worksheet that you can apply to your service planning.

For those of you who are attending, you will receive a bespoke worksheet for the event from the conference organisers BUT you will need to read through the case study before hand by clicking on the link here.

Overview of the workshop

Transform your approach to service planning (an introduction) - Dr Anna Moran & Dr Susan Nancarrow

Have you got an idea for your allied health service but don't know where to start? Have you got a new service or model of care that you think could work better but are struggling to conceptualise it? Or perhaps you are planning to re-design parts of your rural allied health service or business but need some help to get started? In this workshop, Anna & Susan will share with you what they have learned over their years of research and practice. Anna & Susan understand the pressure rural practitioners are under and how they are committed to their community but sometimes just need the right place to start.

Workshop Aim: Participants will learn how to apply a logic model approach to work through complex service delivery problems.

Before the workshop participants will be provided with pre-reading material and will complete an exercise to assist them identify a suitable service issue to work through. Participants must come to the workshop prepared with a service delivery issue to work through. By the end of the workshop, participants will have completed a program logic statement to support their service delivery issue.