Introducing SARRAH Circle

SARRAH is launching an advanced new online learning and collaboration platform. This will allow SARRAH to scale up our educational offerings and better connect rural allied health professionals through specialised groups, online courses and member networking features.

A new learning platform

SARRAH is excited to launch our new online learning and collaboration platform powered by Circle.

The new platform will enhance our educational offerings and provide members with advanced tools to connect and share knowledge across Australia's rural allied health community.

What's different?
The new platform provides:
• An expanded online CPD library - Featuring short courses, workshops and webinars
• Interactive online classrooms - Courses now feature virtual classrooms with integrated discussions and interaction with tutors and peers.
• SARRAH members can access interest groups and discussion boards, can create and join groups to collaborate, ask questions and share resources.
• Learning pathways - Step-by-step programs guide members in building clinical competencies for roles like Allied Health Assistants.
• Member profiles - Members can create a profile to build their professional reputation and network with peers across Australia.

The Benefits
The new platform makes SARRAH's educational programs:
• More flexible - With live virtual classrooms to complement on-demand content.
• More collaborative - Purpose-built groups and discussion forums connect members nationwide.
• More targeted - Features allow us to design pathways aligned to roles and competencies.