The Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway
A multi-jurisdictional strategy to advance the concept of an Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway (AHRGP) has been under development since 2013. The collaboration involved in developing the AHRGP brings together health and education sector partners from across Australia.
The Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway (AHRGP)
The allied health rural generalist pathway is an innovative workforce development strategy to increase access to a highly skilled allied health workforce for rural and remote Australian communities.
This innovation is enacted through the use of three trusted mechanisms:
Formal education

A formal education program that supports the development of the clinical and non-clinical rural generalist practice requirements of the relevant allied health profession. This aim enhances the skills and capabilities of the allied health workforce to meet the challenges of delivering services in rural and remote areas.

Structured supervision and support

Workforce policy and employment structures - such as structured supervision and support - that align to development requirements and facilitate progression from entry-level competency to proficient rural generalist in the relevant allied health profession and into extended scope roles where this is required by the service. This aims to improve the recruitment and retention of allied health professionals in rural and remote services with a focus on supporting the AHRG Trainee.

Service model development

Rural generalist service model development that supports and engages allied health professionals to innovate and implement solutions to the challenges of delivering care across geographically dispersed and culturally diverse populations. This aims to support the growth of allied health service models that meet the needs of rural and remote communities.


The Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway initiative is a collaboration between the Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland (AHPOQ), New South Wales Ministry of Health, Northern Territory Department of Health, Western Australia Country Health Service and Department of Health Western Australia, Rural Support Service, SA Health, Tasmanian Health Service, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, James Cook University, Queensland University of Technology and Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH).

The current expansion of the AHRG Pathway in the private and non-government sectors is being supported by funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health. For more information, see our TAHRGETS page.

Further Information on the allied health rural generalist pathway and initiatives

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