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SARRAH Leadership Program

The SARRAH Leadership Program, developed in collaboration with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, is a flagship program for SARRAH.
In this program you will learn about leadership and develop your toolkit of leadership skills that you need to be a successful leader in the rural and remote health landscape of Australia.

Open for enrolment!
Dates: 29/07/2024 – 13/09/2024

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Module 1: Leadership vs management
This module introduces the concept of leadership as being different to management, supporting self-reflection on the type of skills that the individual might need to develop.
Module 2: ‘being’ leadership
This module supports the individual to explore their own strengths in relation to leadership and discover which areas they can focus on developing.
Module 3: ‘doing’ leadership,
this module explores how to be a part of leadership action, how to build a network and how to create opportunities to promote the broader industry and achieve positive outcomes.
Module 4: ‘maintaining’ leadership
The final module concentrates on the skills needed to ensure that individuals have the ability to maintain a leadership position within the sector. Focusing on challenges like compassion fatigue, burnout and bullying and how to develop strategies to manage these common issues without impacting on personal or team wellbeing.
By the end of the course, you will learn how to:

  • Engage with others and understand networks of influence that support and enable leadership
  • Develop leadership skills and devise clear pathways forward
  • Develop the skills needed to advocate and contribute to broader conversations concerning health delivery and outcomes in rural and remote areas
Course Delivery Method
This course will be facilitated via an online learning platform. You will have 4 interactive sessions as well as a number of activities to complete over the 7-week period. This course is approximately 20 hours of online learning. Completion of activities, including attendance at live interactive sessions, is required within the 7-week timeframe to meet course requirements. You will also have the option of engaging in two networking events with past Leadership program graduates.

You will need to attend the first session at the scheduled time, following this the sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live session.
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