Project Management and Consulting

Project Management and Consultation

Project Management

SARRAH can provide in house project management by qualified and experienced project managers who are Allied Health Professionals who have lived or are living in rural and remote Australia.

If you or your organisation are looking for assistance in planning, developing, implementing or evaluating a project. SARRAH cant help. Get in touch now!

Current projects:

Allied Health Rural Generalist Workforce and Employment Scheme

Attract, Connect, Stay (FRRR)



The qualified and experienced Allied Health Professional staff at SARRAH, can assist both public and private sector organisations to realise fully the potential of their planned health innovations, through assessing the need for and optimising the involvement of allied health professionals.

The SARRAH Consulting team will work with your organisation to

  • Provide diagnostics for your allied health service or planned service innovation, using lenses that focus on Allied Health workforce and Allied Health models of care
  • Understand your proposed health innovation, it’s context and drivers
  • Understand the evidence based value of allied health in this context
  • Identify gaps or risks for your organisation, or the success of your proposed innovation.

If you would like to know more how SARRAH can help you, contact us now.