Policy and Strategy

We ensure that SARRAH policies and strategies demonstrate the voices of allied health professionals in rural and remote areas.

SARRAH’s policy and strategy efforts are directed at advancing SARRAH’s Vision - that rural and remote communities have allied health services that support equitable and sustainable health and well-being.  We do this by making sure the voices of allied health professionals working to deliver and support services and the workforce needed to enable access in rural and remote Australia are heard. Our organisation’s contribution is to draw on and reflect the expertise, insights and knowledge of our members.

Our analytical, policy, advisory and representational work aligns is geared around that single purpose. However, as with the breadth of settings and circumstances where allied health services are needed, SARRAHs remit is expansive.

The circumstances that led to the formation of SARRAH in 1995 by a network of rural and remote practitioners remain.  Consequently, we continue to work to aim to improve the operating environments, policy and program settings that impact your work, so Australians can enjoy comparable health, well-being and opportunity regardless of where they live. This is a theme in our submissions.