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Introduction to project management for allied health professionals 1

Introduction to project management for allied health professionals 

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Full price: $500 (+GST)
Discounted price: $300 (+GST)

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Designing and Implementing Successful AHA Models of Care in Rural Settings


Why do this course?

Are you seeing unmet need in your community and having to turn clients away because you don’t have capacity to see them? Have you thought about employing an AHA but don’t know where to start?

If yes, then this course is for you! 

About the course

The course has been developed by Dr Anna Moran from AHP Workforce who will lead you through a series of videos, readings and activities that you can take at your own pace. The course is designed to be taken over 8 hours of individual engagement.

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Outline the key steps required to design and implement AHA models of care in rural settings
  2. Outline the core principles of workforce redesign
  3. Design a model of AHA care to fit your individual setting
  4. Generate an implementation plan for your new AHA model of care
  5. Develop strategies to ensure that your AHA model of care is successful
About the presenter, Dr Moran


Anna is an AHP workforce and service redesign expert, business owner, physio, mum of four, recovering academic, and general AHP cheerleader.

For over 17 years Dr. Anna Moran has been a leader in the Allied Health Workforce space. You may know Anna from her role as the SARRAH Research Fellow but Anna can also be credited with significant contributions to the understanding of allied health workforce dynamics in the academic and health care sectors.

Anna is now the co-founder and director of AHP Workforce, an international consultancy, training, and knowledge exchange company that equips Allied Health professionals, managers, executives, peak professional bodies, and organisations with the tools they need to optimise their workforce and the delivery of Allied Health services.


An Introduction to Project Management for Allied Health Professionals

Introduction to project management for allied health professionals 1

This fully self-paced course has been developed by SARRAH specifically for AHPs.

Why do this course?

Allied Health Professionals are expert at many things, but quite often we haven’t developed our knowledge and skills in project management. If you’d like to cross that bridge, then this course is for you! 

About the course

The course has been developed by Rhiannon Memery, Gemma Tuxworth and Caitlin Houghton, three of SARRAH’s expert secretariat staff. The course is designed to be taken over 6-8 hours at your own pace.

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of management language and project management cycles
  • populate an objective tree/problem tree to clearly define their project objectives and outcomes
  • create a project plan using a structured project approach
  • develop a project risk, stakeholder, and governance plan

Courses in development

SARRAH is busy developing and adapting more online offerings.  Those in development are listed below. SARRAH is open to requests and ideas from Members.


This course was previously delivered In partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. This course is in redevelopment mode and we hope to offer it again soon - please email through your interest to

Transform your approach to service planning (an introduction) with Dr Anna Moran. This four-week couse gives participants an opportunity to learn from Anna as she shared her years of research and practice. This course is in redevelopment and will be offered again soon - please email through your interest to

Past courses

Project Management Essentials was designed to provide an end-to-end perspective of identifying the need for a project, planning for both the timing and resource needs of a project, through to successful implementation and closing out a project.