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In partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation SARRAH is proud to present an online leadership program for allied health professionals. 

Who this course is for

Do you want to:

  • engage with others and understand networks of influence that support and enable leadership?
  • develop leadership skills and devise clear pathways forward?
  • develop the skills needed to advocate and contribute to broader conversations concerning health delivery and outcomes in rural and remote areas?

If yes then this course is for you! 


Commencing June 22, 2021 this course will be facilitated via an online learning platform. You will have 4 interactive sessions as well as a number of activities to complete over the 6 week period. This course is approximately 20 hours of online learning, completion of activities including attendance at live webinar presentations is required within the 6 week timeframe to meet course requirements. 

The program will cover the following four topics.

Leadership vs management, this module introduces the concept of leadership as being different to management, supporting self-reflection on the type of skills that the individual might need to develop.

‘being’ leadership, this module supports the individual to explore their own strengths in relation to leadership and discover which areas they can focus on developing.

doing’ leadership, this module explores how to be a part of leadership action, how to build a network and how to create opportunities to promote the broader industry and achieve positive outcomes.

‘maintaining’ leadership, the final module concentrates on the skills needed to ensure that individuals have the ability to maintain a leadership position within the sector. Focusing on challenges like compassion fatigue, burnout and bullying and how to develop strategies to manage these common issues without impacting on personal or team wellbeing.

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SARRAH was receiving comments and feedback from members such as

“a lot of small practices have quite junior principals who aren’t confident in supervising staff”,

“I have never run a project before”,

“do you have any resources to help with supervision” 

“what do you mean by service development?”

 Using this and other feedback SARRAH identified key areas of education and development to support allied health organisations in rural and remote Australia. 

  • Transforming your approach to service planning
  • Project Management for Rural and Remote Allied Health
  • Leadership for Rural and Remote Allied Health
  • Supervision in Rural and Remote Allied Health
  • Using allied health assistants in rural and remote Allied Health


Past courses

We are in the process of making these courses (or similar) available in an offline format that you can work through at your own pace. So watch this space. 

Project Management Essentials has been designed to provide an end-to-end perspective of identifying the need for a project, planning for both the timing and resource needs of a project, through to successful implementation and closing out a project. For more information please visit 


Past courses

Transform your approach to service planning (an introduction) - Dr Anna Moran
Have you got an idea for your allied health service but don't know where to start? Have you got a new service or model of care that you think could work better but are struggling to conceptualise it? Or perhaps you are planning to re-design parts of your rural allied health service or business but need some help to get started? Over the 4 weeks you will have live presentations and work through online content with Anna, she will share with you what she has learned over her years of research and practice. Anna understands the pressure rural practitioners are under and how they are committed to their community but sometimes just need the right place to start.


Coming Soon!

Keep your eye on our page as we are developing a number of additional courses including: 

- Setting Allied Health Assistants up for success

- Supervision for AHPs 

- Leadership skills for AHPs

 We are in the process of making our courses available in an self directed format that you can work through in your own pace. So watch this space.