Work Orientation

When you start in a new job you may receive several types, or levels, of orientation to your employment. These may include organisational, site and workplace orientations. Below we have provided a brief description of these types of orientation.


Organisational Orientation

Organisational orientation provides information relevant to all those working in the organisation. This is mainly relevant for large organisations, government and private, that have health facilities across many sites.

You may be required to undertake this type of orientation independently (often on-line or in written format) or as part of an integrated site orientation. Ask your manager if there is an organisational orientation (sometimes called a corporate or general orientation) to your organisation.


Site Orientation

A site orientation will introduce you to the people, policy and practices that operate within your work site (not just your department or work area). These sessions are typically scheduled regularly, and may include mandatory skills training and assessment. All people new to the health service attend them.

Talk to your manager or your local Staff Development Team for further information regarding health service sites orientation.


Workplace Orientation

Workplace orientation assists staff to learn more about their new job, work role, to get to know their new colleagues and to master the detailed procedures of their new job. This type of orientation may take up to three months, during which staff will develop their knowledge and performance levels to acceptable standards of quality and timeliness. This orientation is about what you do everyday. 


Work Orientation & You

  • Have you received an organisational orientation? If not is there one available?
  • Have you received a work site orientation? If not is there one available?
  • Have you received a work role orientation? If not is there one available?
  • How will an orientation to all aspect of your role influence your practice and transition?