Why Should You Become a Member of SARRAH

SARRAH is a national multidisciplinary member association, supporting allied health professionals to improve health outcomes in rural and remote communities throughout Australia. SARRAH has been operating for 20 years and is the only peak body fully focused on rural and remote allied health working across all disciplines.

Member support enables SARRAH to deliver landmark projects such as establishing an evidence base for the economic impact of allied health interventions. For example, Members supported a research project managed by SARRAH that identified $175m per annum of health budget savings if people with Diabetes, Stroke and Osteoarthritis receive one of the idenfied allied health interventions. Beyond landmark projects, SARRAH leads innovation in integrating allied health professions, systems and policies along with supporting workforce readiness and best practice in a rural context. This enhances community access to allied health services. 

Our diverse membership includes allied health professionals and students, commercial and not-for-profit organisations, community organisations, educational institutions and people with an interest in rural and remote allied health. As a member you enjoy a range of benefits which are detailed below. 

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Individual Member Benefits

Individuals who become a member of SARRAH receive the following benefits:

  • Lobbying federal and state politicians on behalf of our members’ interests.
  • Invitations to consult and/or collaborate on aspects of SARRAH’s advocacy and policy initiatives.
  • Participation in SARRAH workshops on policy and program initiatives.
  • Engaging rural workforce agencies, primary health networks, academics, universities and service providers.
  • Opportunity to join the Board of Directors.
  • Opportunity to be nominated for the SQUAWK Award.
  • Invitations to contribute and participate in SARRAH AGMs, conferences, projects, programs and events.
  • Opportunity to network, share information and design solutions through SARRAH programs.
  • Subscription to SARRAH newsletters, publications, information and communication.
  • Opportunity to contribute content to SARRAH’s communication activities and publications
  • Discounted access to advertising opportunities through SARRAH
  • Discounted and/or subsidised event registration rates for SARRAH organised events.
  • Discounted access to third party resources and events through association and alliances established by SARRAH.
  • Opportunity to receive discounts, incentives and unique benefits to individual SARRAH members.
  • Opportunity for tax-deductible contributions and donations.

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Corporate Member Benefits

Corporate members strengthens SARRAH's voice and contributes to making a difference by giving a voice to allied health professionals to shape health policy and programs that address the needs of people in the bush. This includes running programs that enhance the accessibility and performance of the allied health sector.

SARRAH has established a corporate membership program so organisations can contribute to enhancing rural and remote allied health services whilst receiving range of services and benefits which are detailed in our corporate membership flyer. Please click the link for details: 

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