Strategies To Support Orientation

There are several strategies you can employ to get the most out of your orientation. We have identified a few for you below. Review the strategies and think about how you can get the most out of the process.


Be an Active Participant in Orientation

Orientation is a two way process. The organisation has a responsibility to provide a comprehensive orientation and induction to new employees. It's also important that you take an active role in your orientation process. Be active. Ask questions. 

You can do this by:

  • Actively participating in your orientation and in any workshops or orientation sessions that are provided
  • Taking responsibility for self-directed orientation
  • Becoming familiar with your position and your role within the workplace
  • Asking any questions and seeking answers that will help you understand your job or put you at ease in your work setting.


Orientation Buddy

Some workplaces will assign a “buddy” to assist with orientation. If you workplace doesn’t offer a buddy system, ask your manager to help you find one. An orientation buddy is a great resource, and gives you someone you can ask about local procedures and who can help you figure out how things work. Responsibilities of a buddy may include:

  • Be an informational resource on policies, procedures, work rules, norms (basically how things are done)
  • Help socialise and build networks
  • Provide information (if your buddy isn’t able to get it for you, they will know who to go to).
  • Assist in training
  • Be a tour guide
  • Identify resources that may be of use
  • Provide introductions.


Work Shadowing

Work shadowing can be a really good way to get a better understanding of your job and your work environment. Developing these understandings will better facilitate your orientation.



Mentors are fantastic resources to support your orientation. Some workplaces will have existing mentoring programs in place. If your workplace doesn’t, talk to your manager about finding one for you.  


Strategies to Support Orientation & You

  • Have you actively engaged in the orientation process? How can you become more engaged?
  • Have you been provided with an orientation buddy? If not, how could you access one?
  • Have you been provided with work shadowing opportunities? If not, where can you seek them?
  • Have you been assigned a mentor? If not where can you access one?