Self Care

Working in remote and rural practice can be challenging as you adapt to living and working in a different environment. There are different pressures and clinical challenges that you may face, in a small and sometimes isolated community. Most health professionals who have worked ‘in the bush’ also say how intensely rewarding the experience can be. Many stay or return later in their careers to settle in a remote or rural community. Knowing how to care for yourself is critical. This module seeks to help you in your transition to your new role and provide some strategies to assist you in the challenges you may face.

The ability to look after yourself, or self care skills, are important for Allied Health Professionals working in remote or rural practice settings. Many self care issues may arise as you adapt to living and working in a different environment and to the different pressures that you may face in a small and sometimes isolated community.

We have created a learning module to develop your awareness of the self care issues in remote or rural practice, and to build you capacity to manage these issues. The module will take about 20 minutes to complete. Click on the below tab to access the module, which will open in a new window.


Self Care Learning Package


Self Care & You

Complete the learning module and refer explore the self care references provided in the module. Consider:

  • Have you identified your self care needs?
  • What measures do you take to look after yourself?
  • How well do you manage stress?
  • How can you improve self care?
  • How important is your self care to your practice?


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