Remote and Rural Outreach

In addition to office-based practice, many rural and remote allied health professionals also provide outreach services to surrounding areas.  Outreach service provision is unique to rural and remote practice and can present particular challenges and rewards.

We have created the below learning module to develop your understanding of outreach service delivery and to support you in your delivery of these services. The module will take between 30-40 minutes to complete. Click on the below tab to access the module, which will open in a new window.


Remote and Rural Outreach Learning Package


Outreach & You

Complete the learning module and think about:

  • What, if any, communities do you have responsibility for providing outreach services to?
  • What is each community like (demographics, health need, services)?
  • How are the services delivered?
  • How do outreach services change or impact service delivery and care?

We have also put together some tips to help you provide outreach services: Outreach Tips


Useful Resources