Professional Portfolios

A Professional Portfolio is a reference folder that allows you to gather evidence that you can use to demonstrate your goals, competencies, ongoing professional development, career achievements and accomplishments and experiences. Professional portfolios are valuable tools to: help you to demonstrate that you are developing, maintaining and enhancing your skills; assist you in identifying current and future training needs; and prepare profile statements linked to registration.

Professional portfolios are also useful to:

  • Use in performance management/development sessions
  • Assist with writing job applications (VC and address of selection criteria)
  • Demonstrate abilities at job interview
  • Support discussion reclassification
  • Gain accreditation for prior learning and prior experiential learning with higher education institutions
  • Support an application for further study at a further or higher educational institution
  • Support an application for funding for formal study.

Professional Portfolio’s are very personal. It is a document that will differ considerably from person to person. Typical components of a professional portfolio may include:

  • Education and Qualification Details
  • Memberships and Registration Details
  • Competence
  • Assessment (Self, peer, supervisor)
  • Log (attainment of specific competencies, e.g. First Aid)
  • Professional Development Log
  • Individual Performance Reviews & Development Plans
  • Reflective Practice
  • Publications and Conference Presentations
  • Case study presentation
  • Teaching and Training Activities
  • Significant Event Record
  • Achievement & Awards.


Professional Portfolios & You

Do you have a professional portfolio? Does your professional association have a template for professional portfolios? If you don’t have one, start making one now. Some tips when creating your own personal portfolio include:

  • Consider the structure of the portfolio (what components you want to include)
  • What type of material will it include (paper, photos, multimedia)
  • Set aside an afternoon to transfer your informal folder into a your portfolio.


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