Orientation Checklist and Schedule

Orientation Checklists

We have generated two checklists that might be useful to help guide orientation, and also ensure that you are orientated to everything that you need to be: 

  • Work Place Orientation Checklist (Document not available) 
  • Work Role Orientation Checklist (Document not available)

Print off these checklists and tick off items as they are completed.
If there are items that you have not been oriented to check with your line manager.


Orientation Schedule

As part of the orientation process, it is useful to establish an orientation table (see below). The timetable ensures that sufficient time is allocated and quarantined for orientation.

  • Orientation Schedule (Document not available)


Orientation Checklist and Schedule & You

  • Have you downloaded and worked through the above documents?
  • Have you received orientation to all of the elements identified in the checklist? If not, where can you access further orientation?