Member Profile of Scott Davis, Queensland

With a PhD in Health Services in enabling social and economic development from the Universtiy of Sydney, Scott devotes his time  addressing the disadvantaged communities within Australia and finds solutions so that rural people have access to high quality healthcare. 

The Essentials:

Your Name Scott Davis
Your Profession/Study I have a PhD from Sydney University on the role of Health Services in enabling social and economic development. My other areas of study include international public health, workforce development, and social and economic development in regional, rural and remote communities and, capacity building, leadership and governance.
Your Location Cairns, in far North Queensland
SARRAH Member Since 2014


The Questions:

1. What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about regional, rural and remote communities having the same access to health care services that metropolitan people do. I devote my time to addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities and finding solutions so that rural people can have access to high quality healthcare.

2. What is your best way to de-stress after a busy day?

Walking my dog with my partner or going for a sail!

3. Do you have any other corporate skills or experience?

Yes! I have run health services, designed international development programs, and I have strong expertise in governance and strategy. I also have strong relationships with all levels of government and industry, and I am committed to innovative workforce solutions. I have been involved in health service management, indigenous policy issues, research translation, business improvement processes and strategy.

4. How rural/remote have you been?

Very! I have worked internationally in development for many years, worked in very remote and rural parts of Australia, predominately across the northern regions. But I have always sought to maintain connections and relationships with our colleagues in metro environments so that we can understand what is happening across the whole Australian health context.

5. What is the focus of your practice?

The majority of the work I have done over 28 years have focused on addressing the challenge of delivering the quality of health services in the context of resource poor and disadvantaged communities. This has been my focus all of professional career.

6. What is the critical skill set everyone needs to have when operating in a rural and remote setting?

For me, it is all about leadership, and working with the community, as they are part of the solution.

7. What is your hidden talent or skill outside of work?

I love sailing and teaching young children how to sail. I do this on most weekends.

8. What is the most rewarding thing you done?

One of the most challenging things I have done is the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation program. It challenged me to think, grow and to reflect. Time is an increasingly precious commodity, and we often don’t have time to stop and think/reflect in our busy world. It was absolutely rewarding, and life changing – it allowed me to build new skills, understand a range of leadership styles that existed across Australia and to share viewpoints  of people from different backgrounds who all have a passion for rural and remote Australia.

9. Where is your favourite place in the world?

Hinchinbrook Island, off the far north QLD coast. It has the most beautiful walking tracks and is so rugged and isolated - just like a real life Jurrassic Park. 

10. Lastly, why is allied health important?

As the expression goes – it takes a village to raise a child, and in my view - it takes a team of people to improve the health and well-being of a person. The skills of the allied health professionals are critical to achieving this. The work SARRAH is doing to establish the AHRGP will be a real game changer in the ability for health services to deliver quality outcomes.

Pictured above: Scott sailing.


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Member profile: December 2018