Healthcare Prioritisation

Healthcare Prioritisation in Remote and Rural Practice

Rural and remote allied health practitioners often have to manage demands from many sources, as well as working in areas which may be resource poor. In these environments clinical prioritisation can be particularly challenging.

We have created this learning module to develop your understanding of what is involved in clinical prioritisation and present some tools that will support your clinical prioritisation decisions.  The module will take between 30-45 minutes to complete. Click on the below tab to access the module, which will open in a new window.


Healthcare Prioritisation Learning Package


Clinical Prioritisation & You

Think about the way you prioritise your time, workload and resources:

  • Is there a waiting list for your services? If so, how is this waiting list managed?
  • What are the agreed priorities for your department, team and organisation?
  • Does you department have a framework or tools to assist with prioritisation of clients?
  • How can you develop your prioritisation and demand management skills?