Family Orientation

If you’re moving to a new community with a partner and/or family, orientation is more than just you to your job. The orientation process needs to extend to the members of your family to ensure that they settle into the community with you. There a plenty of strategies you can employ to ease the transition of you family, see below for some hints and tips. 


Moving with a Partner

Some tips to help partners settle into a new community:

  • Settle into the community together (See the Community Orientation page for more information)
  • Consider your partner's work requirements
  • Explore volunteer opportunities within the community
  • Find out if your partner's hobbies can continue in the new community
  • Make an effort to get to know your neighbours early.


Moving with Children

Some tips to help children settle into a new community: 

  • Give children plenty of notice of the relocation
  • Involve them in the move (packing, looking for somewhere to live etc)
  • Provide information about the new town and school, and listen to your child’s concerns
  • Unpack your children’s room first to make it 'home'
  • Keep familiar things around (stress the constant)
  • Try and get back into routine as soon as possible
  • Help your child make new friends
  • Sign your children up for the same activities they had previously been involved in
  • Find out what activities for children the new community offers
  • Communicate with classroom teachers (how well is your child settling into school?)
  • Find ways of keeping in touch with friends and family
  • If people at your work have children, arrange play meetings
  • Look for warning signs of children not adjusting well. 


Family Orientation & You

  • How is your family settling into the new community?
  • How you best support their community orientation?