Clinician Stories

The Transition to Rural and Remote Practice Toolkit is currently under review and content may be out of date. The toolkit will be updated following the review.

One of the best tools to support your transition is other clinicians working in remote or rural settings. Speaking to other clinicians and listening to their stories, regardless of their professional group, will give you a great insight into the experience of transition into a remote or rural community and work place. It will give you a better understanding of some of the challenges, pitfalls and struggles you may encounter. It will also highlight the benefits and joys of remote and rural practice. Other clinicians can help you settle into your work role and your community as well as offer so much support.

We have collected stories that highlight the experiences of clinicians working in remote and rural communities across the country. We have tried to capture both transition stories and develop a picture of a ‘normal’ day for clinician working in rural and remote areas. Take the time to read though them. Think about the clinicians within your workplace, and find out their story. Think about your story, how will it read?