Administration and Management

Working as an Allied Health Professional you will likely have some sort of managing role. This may include managing your caseload, program area, other Allied Health Professionals, support staff such as Allied Health Assistants, or students. Developing administrative and management skills will enable you to better fulfil these aspects of your role. 


Administration & Management 

Management and administrative tasks form an important part of many remote and rural Allied Health Professional's roles. Some of your duties may include:

  • Human Resources (recruiting and retaining staff, completing performance development/management sessions, rostering staff, exit interviews, succession planning)
  • Learning & Development (organising and planning training and professional development for self and others, supervising staff)
  • Governance (writing and contributing to business/operational and strategic plans, policies and guidelines)
  • Health Information Management (maintaining records systems, collecting and reporting on statistics)
  • Quality and Safety (developing quality improvement plans, reporting clinical incidents)
  • Other (research and evaluation, writing grant submissions etc). 


Administration, Management & You

Think about the management and leadership element of your role. Make a list of all the management/administrative tasks you need to undertake (you might need to seek assistance from your line manager) think about:

  • The task areas you feel you need further skill development in
  • What management and leadership learning development opportunities can you access?
  • How will strong management skills influence your practice?


Useful resources

Check out the www as a great source of information on general management skills. Some good websites include: 

The following articles may also be useful:

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