The SQUAWK Awards for 2018 were presented at the 2018 SARRAH National Conference in Darwin, Northern Territory on Friday, 14 September, 2018.


About the SQUAWK Award

The SARRAH SQUAWK Award recognises an individual SARRAH member for making an outstanding contribution to Australia’s rural and remote professional allied health network through:

  • Exemplary professional standards of excellence to the community and public that goes above and beyond the regular standards of service
  • Leadership, guidance, mentoring and governance; in a team or for a group
  • Implementation of a process or system to achieve more efficacy, higher efficiency,  improved productivity or better service delivery
  • Innovation in research, a program, project or policy development

Process for a SQUAWK Award

  • All nominators have to complete and submit a nomination letter, attaching all relevant supporting documentation
  • Nominations are reviewed for fulfilling all required conditions of entry and then forwarded to the SARRAH CEO in the first instance
  • The SARRAH CEO will refer all accepted nominations to the SARRAH board for consideration
  • The SARRAH SQUAWK recipient is determined by a two-thirds majority vote of Board members involved in the award selection process
  • All nominations and matters related to nominees are confidential with only the final decision announced publically
  • SQUAWK awards are typically awarded to recipients at the SARRAH national conference or at the SARRAH summit

Conditions of entry

  • The SARRAH SQUAWK Award is open to any individual who operates in any allied health profession in rural and remote Australia.
  • Nominations can be made by anyone, but nominators and nominees should be  existing SARRAH members respectively, or become one prior to nomination
  • Self-nominations by members will not be accepted
  • Nominations must fulfil all the required information and documentation, including corroborated evidence of the contribution being nominated for and signed references from authoritative sources
  • Nominations must be accompanied by a recent, updated CV and a high resolution, electronic photograph of the nominee that can be used for publicity purposes
  • Nominations must be submitted before or by the stated closing date
  • Selection and entry decisions are final and remain at the discretion of SARRAH, the board and any judges or judging panel engaged
  • The board reserves the right to not award a SQUAWK Award in any given year

SARRAH Members who have been awarded the SQUAWK Award

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