Research Reports

Allied health therapists registered as panel providers with the DSS Better Start and HCWA programs work with families to deliver early intervention services. Specialist services enhance the participation and performance of children with disability and developmental delay by improving cognitive, emotional, physical and social development during the child’s first seven years. The following research reports have been prepared by the NRRSS. The reports pertain to barriers and access to the delivery of early intervention services to children with disability and developmental delay and their families living in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Barriers to Registration Research Report
The research report on barriers to registration as an early intervention services panel provider is available for you to read and review. You can learn about the experience of therapists around Australia and use this information to guide you in your application process.

Mapping Rural and Remote Early Childhood Intervention Therapy Services
The research report written by Maximiliane Hanft drafted the report for SARRAH and the NRRSS. This research report is written by MH, an Australian National University (ANU) intern Masters student with SARRAH and the NRRSS for semester three of 2014. This research has investigated the gaps in the delivery of services to children with a disability or developmental delay in rural and remote Australia and discusses the uptake of services funded through the Better Start and HCWA programs.