NRRSS Webinars

The NRRSS webinar series highlighted effective specialist paediatric allied health service delivery models in rural and remote communities. Participants from the vast spread of rural Australia actively engaged in the NRRSS webinars. Presenters were qualified and experienced therapists who shared their knowledge about practical ways to deliver innovative allied health professional outreach services.

Dolly Bhargava: Providing positive behaviour support to children with a disability
The webinar is about positive behaviour support, understanding causal factors of challenging behaviour and canvases preventative and reactive strategies for managing challenging behaviours

Shannon Hallatt: What works and what doesn't when providing outreach services to remote clients
The webinar is about models of outreach service delivery, value versus cost and balancing ethics with the bottom line and concluding with maximising the effectiveness of outreach services.

Maximiliane Hanft: Mapping the Gaps: Early Intervention Services in Rural Areas
The webinar is about the results of an Australian National University research project exploring service gaps of early intervention services in rural areas.