NRRSS Newsletters

The National Rural and Remote Support Service (NRRSS) newsletters were made available to our members on a month to month basis. The newsletters provided updates on the NRRSS program and offer invaluable information to the programs membership on upcoming allied health events and activities as well as other professional development opportunities.

Issue 1: April 2014
National Rural and Remote Support Service Expert Reference Group Established

Issue 2: May 2014
Discover the Peer 2 Peer Mentoring Program
Issue 3: June 2014
National Rural and Remote Support Service Promotional Campaign Launch
Webinar Report: Providing Positive Behaviour Support to Children with a Disability.

Issue 4: July 2014
Webinar Focus: Positive Behaviour Strategies
Conversations without speech

Issue 5: August 2014
Outreach Services Webinar: What Works and What Doesn't When Providing Therapy to Remote Clients
National Rural and Remote Support Service Research Project

Issue 6: September 2014
Barriers to Registration as an Early Intervention Services Panel Provider Survey Report

Issue 7: October 2014
Upcoming Mapping the Gaps Webinar and the launch of the new NRRSS website

Issue 8: November 2014
Mapping the Gaps Webinar online and service gaps identified

Issue 9: December 2014
Teletherapy success story in Deniliquin

Issue 10: February 2015
Early Intervention Provider Maps

Issue 11: March 2015
Launch of Outreach Service Locator (My Outreach Ally)

Issue 12: April 2015
Release of Registration Support Guides

Issue 13: Final Newsletter 2015
Closure of Project on 30 June