Eligibility Criteria

Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria and the applicants that meet the following eligibility criteria have an equal opportunity to receive a scholarship under this scholarship stream.

  1.  An Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia. If you are New Zealand citizen.
  2.  Enrolled as a full‑time or part‑time student in an accredited/approved Australian eligible allied health course. Please check here for list of eligible courses. Under the Scheme, study at honours level is covered by the scholarship only if the honours component is an integral part of your undergraduate degree.
  3.  Undertake clinical placements (minimum 1 week to maximum 6 weeks) in a relevant calendar year in Australian rural/remote communities.
  4. Undertake clinical placement away from the university town.
  5. Undertake rural clinical placement within ASGC-RA 2-5 classifications.
  6. Not receive support for the same clinical placement from state or territory government programs or other sources. 
  7. Comply with the requirements of the clinical placement organization. 

If the allied health profession of your course is not listed in the NAHSSS Allied Health Clinical Placement Guidelines, please email your course details to clinicalplacement@sarrah.org.au  or the relevant professional organisation to confirm if your course is an approved/accredited course.

The clinical placement scholarship funding is available for a maximum of six weeks only.  Successful students will receive financial assistance for travel, accommodation and living expenses but the scholarship will not necessarily cover all the costs incurred.  The scholarships aim to provide scholars with:

  • an overall view of working and living in a rural or remote community
  • a positive clinical placement experience
  • consequently choose to practise in Australian rural and remote communities after graduating.

Important Information:

  • The health profession ‘public health’ is not an eligible allied health profession under this scholarship stream.
  • If you are a 1st year undergraduate student you will need to wait until your 2nd year of study to be eligible to apply for a scholarship under this scholarship stream.
  • You are eligible to receive only one scholarship during your course of study under this scholarship stream.
  • Applications received beyond the application period are not considered for a scholarship. 
  • The scholarship you are awarded is non-transferable between the NAHSSS Scholarship streams.

If you are undertaking Nursing, Pharmacy or Medical degrees please contact the following organisations for more information regarding the scholarships available for these professions.