2014 SARRAH National Conference Program and Papers

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2014 Conference Program and Papers

Thursday 18 September

SARRAH National Conference Day 1

Keynote 1: Senator Deborah O'Neill, New South Wales
Keynote 2: The Bishop Address: Mr Luke Escombe - Chronic Symphonic - A Musical Patient Journey
Keynote 3: Ms Fiona Armstrong - Climate change, energy choices and health: Implications for Rural and Remote Communities
Keynote 4: Mr Daniel Mahony - Riding the Tsunami: How will the Next Generation Cope?
Keynote 5: Associate Professor John Stevens and Ms Mandy Nolan: Stand Up for Dementia
Concurrent Session A
Theme 1: Rock Pools Theme 1: Tidal Zone Theme 3: Slip, Slop, Slap Theme 4: Hang Ten

Dr Wendy Ducat, Priya Martin, Dr Saravana Kumar, Vanessa Richardson, LuJuana Abernathy - Oceans apart, yet connected: Findings from a qualitative study on professional supervision in rural and remote allied health services

Full Referenced Paper

David Gould - Social work: Adding value in rural hospitals Cathryn Carboon, Dr John Brabant, Kelly Gibbons - Bright eyes and sun smiles: Giving country kids a brighter future at school Tania Cavanagh, Donna Goodman, Desley Harvey, Rebecca Nieman - SPEED Project - Scope of physiotherapy extended in ED
Kate Osborne, Saravana Kumar, Tanya Lehmann, Brett Webster, Kim Clarke, Heather Franklin, Adrian Leet, Andrew Livingstone, Fiona Murray, Lydia Rofe and Michele Banks - Clinical supervision of allied health professionals in Country South Australia: What works, what doesn't and what's promising Fiona Murray, Bronwyn Venning - Changing the tide for podiatry on Kangaroo Island, South Australia Kathy Relihan - Getting older does not mean you have to fall apart, you can PREVENT it: Tools that empower our community to keep health and prevent functional decline Marguerite Bennetts, Doug Murtagh - Implementing a transdisciplinary care model - Health professionals experiences of barriers and solutions
Annie Farthing, Lois MacCullagh, Renae Moore, Nicole Beattie, Shelagh Lowe - Ripples in the rock pool: Developing new resources to support the transition to rural and remote allied health practice Lindsey Johnson, Lenelle Cibau, Ilsa Nielsen, Cara Johnstone - Changing Tides: Clinicians' experience of implementing a shared competency, delegated practice framework in an allied health cancer care team Gillian Woodward, Loren Fullagar, Alarna McGovern, Thomas Paavola - Eating on the right track: Challenges of engaging young males in healthy eating Matthew Newby, Priya Martin - Riding past the waves to discover new frontiers: An innovative interprofessional program in a regional health service
Concurrent Session B
Amy Page, Dr Hanan Khalil, Mark Kirschbaum - Pharmacy students' rural career intentions Associate Professor Kathryn Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Maeva Hall - Creating student learning and social opportunities: Welcome to the student meeting space Kate Morgan - Does the dietetic educator workforce have enough meat on its bones? A professional profile of the dietetic educators preparing Australia's future dietitians Darlene Rotumah, Associate Professor James Bennett-Levy, Dr Judy Singer, Wendy Douglas, Michelle Sweet, Kylie Dingwall - Are you appy? An opportunity for health professionals to try out Aboriginal-specific e-social and emotional wellbeing apps
Kelly Schulze - Let's stop apologising: Rural clinical placements offer exceptional experiences; so how do we make them a placement of choice? Lindsey Johnson, Amanda Mannes - Turning burden into benefit: Using the student workforce to achieve quality improvement John Merrick, Craig Slater, Jacquie Dominish - Clinical supervision for allied health professionals: A state-wide training program
Narelle Campbell, Associate Professor Diann Eley, Professort Lindsay McAllister - Looking into the rock pool: The construing of allied health professionals in relation to personality, work location and career success Associate Professort Kathryn Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Maeva Hall - Innovation and adventurous students: Developing an interprofessional long placement for allied health students Professor Susan Nancarrow, Professort Julia Coyle, Dr Diane Boxall, Dr Anna Moran, Dr Rod Pope, Jennifer Young, Catherine Maloney - Connecting Practice: A dynamic framework for providing supervision and support for rural health practitioners

Friday 19 September

SARRAH National Conference Day 2

Keynote 6: Associate Professor John Stevens - Shared Medical Appointments: Is it the next big thing in health care? 
Keynote 7: Professor Pat Dudgeon - National Empowerement Project
Keynote 8: Professor Susan Nancarrow - How Can Workforce Flexibility Be Enhanced to Improve Access to Rural Health Services?
Concurrent Session C
Theme 1: Hang Ten Theme 2: Caught In The Rip Theme 3: Rock Pools Theme Four: Slip, Slop, Slap
Dr Michelle Sweet, Associate Professor Tricia Nagel, Dr Kylie Dingwall, Stefanie Puszka - 'Like drawing into sand': Acceptability, feasibility and appropriateness of a new e-mental health resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Stella Ward, Amber Salonoa Harr - Delivering the health care vision Rebecca Wolfgang, Dr Leanne Brown, Dr Tony Smith, Luke Wakely, Hazel Harries-Jones, Alex Little, Julie Burrows - Diving deeper: Outcomes of a rural immersive experience for allied health students Brianna Nguyen, Belinda Clohessy, Rosemary Box - The changing tide of clinical practice
Dr Ben Turner, Areti Kennedy, Associate Professor Melissa Kendall - Enhancing service delivery for adults with acquired brain injury in rural and remote locations of Queensland: Is telehealth the answer?  Ilsa Nielsen, Neroli Stayt, Dr Scott Davis - Sharing a wave or dropping in? Mapping current and potential multi-professional practice and skill sharing in Northern Australian allied health systems Heidi Beames - Back to school: Allied health student involvement in rural high school visits Dr Angela Dew, Professor Michelle Lincoln, Professor Anita Bundy, Dr Gisselle Gallego, Julie Cullenward, Catherin Arndell, Dr Rachel Mayes, Kim Bulkeley - Evaluating a rural and remote person centred approach to improve transition to school outcomes for children with a disability 
Tanya Trevena, Timothy Stewart - Let's give it a go! Introducing Telehealth into central Queensland regional allied health cancer care services Professor Adrian Schoo, Dr Sheila Keane - Integrated continuing professional development: Towards a sustainable model for workforce and health service enhancement Associate Professort Kathryn Fitzgerald, Maeva Hall - Attracting the future rural health workforce: Year 10 and 11 student health academies as a step up from career expos James Morandini, Professor Alex Blaszczynski, Dr Ilan Dar-Nimrod, Professor Michael Ross - Minority stress and community connectedness amongst Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Australians: A comparison of rural vs. metropolitan localities
Concurrent Session D
Theme 1: Hang Ten Theme 2: Sand Dunes Theme 3: Rock Pools Theme 4: Rock Pools
Kellie Stagg, Professor Teresa Iacono, Natalie Crothers - Information and communication technology for regional and rural allied health service delivery: Is the potential being realised? Greg Mundy, Anthony Wall - Swimming outside the flags: Working with rural and remote communities Heidi Van Der Velde - Learning in the outback: A student occupational therapist clinical experience Doug Murtagh, Marguerite Bennetts - Evaluation of a transdisciplinary care model: Results of a randomised controled trial
Jacqueline Nix - Swimming between the flags: Lessons learned about change of practice, research and funding when it comes to technology ("Home Quick") Dr Leah Wiseman, Dr Roaslie Boyce - Allied health structure, 13 years on: A rural and regional focus Beth Mozolic-Staunton, Suzanne Longly - Partnering with occupational therapy to reach children in primary school John Merrick, Craig Slate, Jacquie Dominish, Sue Steele-Smith - Allied health education and training: A framework to advocate for improvements
  Wendy Thiele, Kim Nguyen - Changing the landscape of Disability: Riding the wave of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Leonie Hamlton, Kim Kendall, Maggie Scorey - Sharing the waves: Establishing community health in school student clinics Tanya Trevena, Matthew Newby, Rachel Villiers, Zephanie Tyack - Professional development: Access, types of activities and satisfaction within the allied health workforce in Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
Concurrent Session E
Theme 1: Rock Pools Theme 2: Hang Ten Theme 3: Tidal Zone Theme 4: Hang Ten
Katrina Wakely, Luke Wakley, Kelly Squires, Elesa Crowley, Alexandra Little - Hanging ten with the teachers: A model for collaborative learning in paediatrics between rural allied health clinicians and the education sector Angela Firth - Is the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance associated with enhanced clinical roles for Allied Health Assistants in rural NSW Eliza Jane McBride, Ilsa Nielsen, Catherine Stephens, Julie Hulcombe - Re-designing an organisational approach to early career rural and remote generalist recruitment and development Dr Wendy Ducat, Dr Melissa Kaltner, Lisa Dunn, Margaret Smythe, Christina Hayes, Michelle Forrest, Wendy Stevens, Jacqueline Nix, Darren Anderson, Rober Lange - Facilitating allied health service delivery trhough riding the tablet and iPad technology wave
Associate Professor Kathryn Fitzgerald, Associate Professor Maeva Hall - Supporting practice with rural teaching clinics: Interprofessional paediatric assessment clinics

Associate Professor Melissa Lindeman, Heather Jensen, Di Bell, Annie Farthing - A 'key worker' model to improve service pathways for Aboriginal people with dementia in remote Central Australia

Full Referenced Paper

Luke Wakely, Alex Little, Elesa Crowley, Katrina Wakely - Expanding the comfort zone: An innovative model of interprofessional learning in paediatrics for rural allied health clinicians
Associate Professor Amy Theresa Page, Associate Professor Sandy Hamilton, Associate Professort Maeva Hall, Associate Professor Kathryn Fitzgerald, Michele Halloway, Associate Professor Barbara Nattabi, Professort Sandra Thompson - Gaining a "proper sense" of what happens out there: A "Academic Bush Camp" to promote rural placements for students Hether Jensen, Fiona Bremner, Maree Daly, Dr Melissa Lindeman, Kylie Stothers, Annie Farthing - Enhancing assessment, care planning and case management in rural, remote and Indigenous communities Brett Webster - All paddling in the same direction: Developing a framework for understanding allied health eligibility and prioritisation in country South Australia
Tennille Thomasz, Denise Young - Speech pathology and occupational therapy students participating in placements where their supervisor works in a dual role Susan Gauld, Sharon Smith - Understanding brain injury: Improving outcomes through implementation of a training programme for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers Julie-Anne Ross, Sarah Bailey, Penny Geraghty, Aaron Cameron - The social media tsunami

Saturday 20 September

SARRAH National Conference Day 3

Keynote 9: Tanya Lehmann - Future Visions for Allied Health
GNARTN Post-Conference Skill Sharing Workshop: SARRAH delegates participated in a workshop that identified tasks that provide greatest value if skills are shared in a rural and remote context. The workshop built on GNARTN's recent Rural Remote Generalist Allied Health Project and identified the most appropriate helath professional groups to be involved in the delivery of fourteen clusters of tasks. 

SARRAH Conference ePosters

At the 2014 Conference for the first time, posters were displayed electonically. The posters were prepared in PowerPoint and displayed during the conference on flat screen monitors in the catering and trade areas. The posters rotated automatically and were shown for one minute. Delegates were able to pause and search for specific posters. A list of ePosters shown at the conference are as follows: 

How to turn your iPad workplace challenges into therapeutic solutions - an implementation pathway by Darren Anderson
Mix & match - A blended learning approach to allied health education by Carmel Blayden, Jennifer Nicol, Susan Sims and Sonia Hughes
Interprofessional education in a rock pool by Rosanna Crouch
Benefits and outcomes of iPad facilitation of Allied Health service delivery in a community based rural outreach setting by Lisa Dunn, Margie Smith, Christina Hayes and Michelle Forrest
Basic Life Support with a difference! by Associate Professor Kathryn Fitzgerald and Jodi Ullrich
What employment models can attract allied health professionals to work in rural and remote communities in Queensland? by Daniel Gullo, Chris Mitchell and Melissa Johnstone
Challenges in workforce planning for small but critical work groups by Tamara Lee
Allied Health generalist opportunities for new graduates by Laura Marsh and Fiona McKenzie Lewis
Developing leadership skills using problem based learning - A solution based focus by Kerstin McPherson
Right kids, right service, right time: developmental surveillance in early childhood by Beth Mozolic-Staunton
Primary health care training for more efficient outreach optometry services by Anna Morse, Salma Ismail, Colina Waddell and Luke Arkapaw
Less is more: Consolidating and co-ordinating health promotion efforts across a large rural region to improve health outcomes by Rebecca Murphy, Jay McGough, Nicole Dalle Nogare and Renata Spiller
National Rural Health Students' Network: The Australian health students' view on a crucial aspect of the rural placement experience (caught in the rip) by Annie Nichols, Annemeike Enter, Ankur Verma and Charlotte Lymbery
Remote Allied Health Practice - Perspectives from Australia, Canada and the United States of America by Felicity Pidgeon
Clinical handover: from policy to practice by Sarah Bailey and Ruth Cox
Supervision of supervisors: the tidal change by Julie-Anne Ross and Sarah Bailey
Sustaining the culture pool by Julie-Anne Ross, Sarah Bailey and Angela Wood
Wiping out the uncertainty of providing required non-clinical training for allied health staff and students by Julie-Anne Ross, Cate Fitzgerald, Claire Hackett, Liza-Jane McBride and Julie Connell
Supporting allied health professionals to contribute to better patient outcomes through an interprofessional capability development framework by Julie-Anne Ross, Ruth Cox and Angela Wood
Innovative model of nutrition education in a regional rehab hospital by Dr Madhuri Velagala and Achamma Joseph
Beyond the booklet: collaborative, community consultation to develop a child development resource by Luke Wakely, Lisa Shipley, Dr Kym Rae, Loretta Weatherall, Megan Naden, Josephine Logue and Daniel van der Laan
Learning around the campfire: a weekend camp to promote teamwork and interprofessional interaction for rural allied health students by Luke Wakely, Dr Leanne Brown, Alex Little, Kelly Squires, Jacqueline Leys and Hazel Harries-Jones
Eating on the right track: Challenges of engaging young males in healthy eating by Gillian Woodward, Loren Fullagar, Alarna McGovern and Thomas Paavola
Non-invasive haemoglobin testing of orthopaedic patients by Peter Young

Conference Sponsors

SARRAH would like to thank the financial sponsors of the 2014 SARRAH National Conference for their support of this event

Health Education and Training Institute Westpac Rural Health Workforce Australia
Medicare Local North Coast NSW Queensland Government HESTA Industry SuperFund
National Rural Health Students Network Australian Rural Health Education Network Southern Cross University