2010 SARRAH National Conference Program and Papers

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2010 Conference Program and Papers

Thursday 21 October

SARRAH National Conference Day 1

Keynote 1: The Hon Nicola Roxon - Federal Minister of Heath and Ageing
Keynote 2: David Butt - Australian General Practice Network (AGPN)
Keynote 3: Jason Warnock - Chair Podiatry Board, National Registration Scheme
Keynote 4: Julie Hulcombe - National Allied Health Advisory Committee (NAHAC)
Concurrent Session A
Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4  
Allied Health Workforce Data (Past, present and future) SARRAH-facilitated session - Allied Health Workforce Study Julie Middleton and Sue Johnson - Improving the fitness and nutrition of your community Jane Reid - Advanced practice and AHPs; An innovative educational approach. Could it work for you? Gerry Gannon - Making and maintaining your relationship with the media
Concurrent Session B
Theme 1: Beyond Frontiers Theme 2: Frontiers in Allied Health Programs: Workforce Theme 3: Indigenous Health Theme 4: Pearls of Wisdom Theme 5: Yarning with the Mob
Mandy Beylacq - Balancing patient needs and workforce realities: Exploring safe practice options through delegation Isla Nielsen - Defining rural and remote capabilities for Queensland Health allied health professionals Danielle Aquino - Adapting the WHO/UNICEF infant and young child feeding counselling integrated course for use in northern Australia Ivan Lin - "It's a different world out there" - the benefits of taking academic staff out bush Michael Bishop - How can mentorship make a difference: A new frontier
Louise Sharkey - Working together towards staff acceptance of changing times Narelle Campbell - Remote allied health professional's personalities and motivations: A new approach for research on recruitment and retention Liz Cameron - Supporting Indigenous students through teriary education Sarah Gardiner - Undergraduate physiotherapy students' expectations and perceptions of rural clinical placements. A qualitative comparison between regional and metropolitan universities A/Prof Susan Brandis - Yarning about end of life - Why is it so hard? 
Joanne Morris - Extending the scope of physiotherapy - an inter-professional and collaborative approach to improving patient-centred care Sue Fanning - Review of retention strategies and model of care for the delivery of allied health outreach services across north west Queensland Joanna Zubrzycki - Aboriginal people an cancer services: Working in partnership to develop cultural secruity and safety in service delivery Alison Dymmott - Nurturing allied health pearls in the bush Rebecca Smith - The bumpy road to culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within the transitional care program
Janet Struber - Developing primary health care guidelines for remote and indigenous practice - A partnership model   Inez Carter - Aboriginal health worker - Past to the present Jason Warnock - eDART: An evaluation tool for the diabetic foot Shannon Twine - Giving back: Working as an occupational therapist in my home town in rural north Queensland

Friday 22 October

SARRAH National Conference Day 2

Keynote 5: Gail Cummins - Churchill Fellowship Recipientuj
Keynote 6: Jason Warnock - Churchill Fellowship Recipient
Bishop Address: Justin Mohamed - National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
Concurrent Session C
Theme 1: Frontiers in Allied Health Programs Theme 1: Frontiers in Allied Health Programs Theme 2: Beyond Frontiers Theme 3: Pearls of Wisdom Theme 4: Yarning with the Mob
Caitlin Prince - Improving interdisciplinary care: An appreciative inquiry Tracey Wright - A mail-based treatment for dependent cannibis users Isla Nielsen - Queensland Health rural and remote allied health development pathway Nettie Flaherty - Educating NT Health and Community Services staff acout Child abuse and neglect: Evaluation findings Charmaine Richards - Slow and steady wins the race
Ana Mairata - Predicting therapy outcomes for little ones in the bush with developmental delay Christine Child - Learning more together: Exploring the role of mental health consumers in service provision Tanya Lehmann - Establishing a pearl farm in country South Australia Narelle Campbell - Allied health clinical education in the Northern Territory: The pearl marketplace Genevieve Hawkes - Orthopaedic outreach services to remote areas: A multidisciplinary collaborative approach
Alan McDonald - More than medicine: A clinic based exercise program for Aboriginal people living with chronic conditions Vicki Hume - Outcomes of a remote clinical supervision model for allied health staff in regional South Australia Elysia Canning - Allied health leadership in making family centred practice a reality for a primary health team Cynthia Porter - A win win for dietetic students working with Indigenous youth Leanne Brown - Challenges of delivering an inter-professional education program for rural clinicians working with eating disorder clients
Ivan Lin - On-line cultural orientation for health professional working in Aboriginal health   Kate Matthews - More than numbers: Describing rural and remote allied health service delivery Anna Jane Gordon - Barriers and enablers to accessing regional tertiary education - Pearls of wisdom from future medical and allied health professionals Julia Greaves - Bush babies completing the final year of an allied health degree in a rural area: Nurturing the next generation
Concurrent Session D
Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4  
Daniel Mahony - National Rural Health Students' Network: Facilitated discussion on expectations of both supervisors and students for rural / remote clinical placements Heather Jensen - Going out bush and still doing everything: AHPs experience of working in a remote transdisciplinary model David Wylie - Unlocking your AHP leadership potential Cathryn Carboon - Sun Smiles: A rural and remote oral health promotion workshop
Concurrent Session E
Theme 1: Pearls of Wisdom Theme 2: Indigenous Health Theme 3: Beyond Frontiers Theme 4: Frontiers in Allied Health Theme 5: Yarning with the Mob
Katie Healy - Clinicians taking charge Geraldine Shadforth - Model of community care for people living with disabilities, fail aged, and mental illness in remote Aboriginal communities Julaine Allan - Doing more with less: Suggestions for transdisciplinary practice with small populations Anushka Bandaranaike - Stamping out diabetic foot in the Pilbara, Western Australia Laura Coakes - From crisis to communication
Clare McHugh - Enhancing chronic disease self-management skills via interprofessional learning and practice Jenny Fishpool - Efficacy of follow up practices by occupational therapists in rural and remote community health: A research opportunity Tanya Lehmann - Culturing pearls in country South Australia Marie Duffy - Queensland Health Allied Health Return to Clinical Practice Framework: A pilot project Genevieve Hawkes - Indigenous therapy assistants
Melanie Bish - Strengthening knowldge of oral health: The development of a supportive education program for rural multidisciplinary health professionals and mental health consumers Lindy Swain - Will Aboriginal Pharmacy assistant school-based traineeships assist in bridging the medication gap? Alison Dymmott - Country South Australia's first allied health pearl harvest. Evolving clinical and professional leadership in allied health Luke Wakely - Country kid's therapy: Establishing a private paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy service in the bush Ruth Klee - Diving for oyster shells, cultivating pearls - embracing complex client management across inpatient and community settings
  Ruth Fox - Growing a health community: The Robinvale District Health Services Early Years Program

Saturday 23 October

SARRAH National Conference Day 3

Keynote 7: Jane Reid - An innovative approach to supporting education in practice: The role of the allied health professional education lead
Keynote 8: Morven Gemmill - The power and value of LEAN: Improving service delivery through redesign
Keynote 9: David Wylie - Transformational Leadership Behaviours in Allied Health Professions
Theme 1: Frontiers in Allied Health Programs Theme 2: Indigenous Health Theme 3: Pearls of Wisdom Theme 4: Pearls of Wisdom Theme 5: Yarning with the Mob
Stephanie Bestwick - Use of yoga group in a rural mental health hospital to reduce symptoms of mental and physical illness and to provide a positive experience for participants Lindy Swain - Developing a culturally appropriate Home Medicines Review Model for Aboriginal health services Karen Bell - Developing an interdisciplinary capability framework for allied health clinical supervisors and mentors: A hidden gem Rob Curry - Allied health professionals in remote Aboriginal health care: What is the best mix of service delivery Katie Charles - Good play, good yarning, good hands: A child developmental poster package for Cherbourg
Stephan Milosavljevic - How skill and back pain influence trunk posture and low back loads during wool harvesting Phillip Roberts - Remote Area Health Corps establishes a successful short-term staffing model for remote Indigenous communities Shannon Nott - Remote and rural placements: What makes a good one

Sue Fitzpatrick - Supervision in the public service: An important issue in allied health?

Anna Jane Gordon - Health promotion: Occupational therapists' perceptions, roles and future directions
Areti Kennedy - From oysters to pearls: The cultivation of local leaders to establish sustainable support for people with brain injury in their local Queensland communities Jennifer Fishpool - Adequacy and appropriateness of functional impairment provisions in housing for Indigenous people Robin Flynn - Workforce development and skills policy: Shaping the future community services and health workforce Karen Bell - The allied health professional support framework: Uncovering a mosaic of hidden gems Wendy Walker - Key word signing with Aboriginal families
Wendy Colley - Reflecting on family centred practice and gaining pearls of wisdom Andrea Coleman - Two heads are better than one: Working in partnership to reduce the impact of Otitis Media on communication development for Indigenous children   Katie Thomas - Reflections of a new graduate's first year in country
  Emma White - New allied health graduates in a remote setting: Surviving the cyclone

Conference Sponsors

SARRAH would like to thank the financial sponsors of the 2010 SARRAH National Conference for their support of this event

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