2008 SARRAH National Conference Program and Papers

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2008 Conference Program and Papers

Thursday 28 August

SARRAH National Conference Day 1

Keynote 1: Shelagh Lowe - Making a difference: Opportunities for allied health leadership
Keynote 2: Brenda McLeod - Leadership at jurisdictional level - National Allied Health Advisory Committee (NAHAC) and a departments approach
Concurrent Session A
Theme 1: Sustain - A - Bull Theme 2: Educate - A - Bull Theme 3: Measure - A - Bull Theme 4: No - Bull
Richard Williams - Mentoring for regional hospitals and cancer care professionals Ivan Lin - What are allied health students' attitudes to rural living and working before rural placement? Joanne Symons - 'Measuring What Counts': Measuring and improving the impacet of outreach allied health organisations (No document available) Beth Knight and Jane Corbett - Advanced community rehabilitation assistant role: Experiences of two rural pilot sites

Narelle Campbell - Professional practice support and supervision in the Territory

Lauren Ercegovich and Tracy Leon - Positive outcomes for rural and remote dietetics student placements in the East Kimberley  Jan Hall and Luike Wilkinson - More measuring of what counts: An evaluation method: Pt 1 Katherine Galligan, Lance Owens and Audrey Callope - Community-based workers in remote Queensland: More than just supporting allied health professionals
Ellie Miles - Live-a-bull? What shapes retention of regional physiotherapists? Rosemary Green - Preparing students for working with diversity in rural human services settings: introducing a model for teaching purposes Luke Wilkinson - How did we go? Evaluating a remote primary health care service Sue Steele-Smith - A Partnership approach to allied health assistant training (No document available)
Julia Coyle - Studying the three Rs: recruitment, retention and rurality Sheila Keane - Interprofessional education for practising clinicians: a pilot project training allied health student supervisors Ilsa Nielsen - Inter-agency partnerships facilitate research and evaluation training for allied health in a remote area Claire Salter - Community-based workers: The story of a remote allied health team
  Pamela O'Donnell - One paddock: Many hooves: My experience as a foot care assistant in central Queensland

Sonia Glendinning, Renae McKendry and Marianne Finocchi - I wish there were two of me

Concurrent Session B
Workshop 1: Measure - A - Bull Workshop 2: Train - A - Bull Workshop 3: Sustain - A - Bull Workshop 4: Deliver - A - Bull
Jody Saxton - Deaf Indigenous Cultural Safety and Diverse Practice Rachel Byrne and Karen Bell - Collective learning to improve productivity and client outcomes Putting LiFE into practice: New directions in suicide / self-harm prevention (No document available) Danielle Hornsby - Getting past the bull: How to present pursuasive business cases to bureaucrats
Keynote 3: Robert Fitzgerald - Drivers for change: The view from the productivity commission

Friday 29 August

SARRAH National Conference Day 2

Keynote 4: Health workforce reform
Concurrent Session C
Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4
Sustain - a - bull careers: How to maximise your management and leadership potential (and enjoy your work at the same time) Domestic violence response training: Supporting allied health professionals to recognise and respond to domestic and family violence in rural and remote Australia National Rural Health Students' Network (No document available) Using the consultation model to maximise impact
Concurrent Session D
Theme 1: Tools of the trade Theme 2: Educate - A - Bull Theme 3: Sustain - A - Bull Theme 4: Making a difference
Pam Harvey - Bibliotherapy: A tool for practitioners to assist adolescents with chronic disease management Rachael Byrne - Fresh growth: Training and development in the 'field' of community rehabilitation Lyn Atkinson - Mustering allied health from Country Health SA Scott Wagner - Clinical supervision for allied health professionals in rural NSW
Corinne Loomes - Reaching all the paddocks across Australia: New ways to deliver specialist services to rural and remote communities Lynne Zeldenryk - Developing curriculum to meet community rehabilitation needs: A multidisciplinary approach to education Jane Harte - Leading the herd: Development of a leadership program for remote outreach allied health professionals Sheila Keane - The Rural Allied Health Workforce Study: Profiling the allied health workforce in rural NSW
Kassie Shardlow - Geriatric telemedicine and e-rehab at Toowoomba Hospital  Patrick Ball - Interdisciplinary workshop on frailty exposes frailties in interdisciplinary education Adrian Schoo and Kevin O'Toole - Enhancing rural workforce capacity building through creating new knowledge networks for allied health professionals (No document available)  Sam Fairhall and Sharon Frith - Taking our skills beyond our backyard

Saturday 30 August

SARRAH National Conference Day 3

Keynote 5 - Bishop Address: Jody Saxton: Deaf Indigenous Community Consultant
Keynote 6 - Carol Cox: The Northern Territory Intervention - Deliver - a - bull, sustain - a - bull, measure - a - bull and the role of allied health professionals
Concurrent Session E
Theme 1: Indigenous Health: Deliver-a-bull Theme 2: Managing veal Theme 3: Deliver - a - bull Theme 4: An allied health journey: Stories from the cow trough
Catheryn Carboon - The dental dreaming journey Virginia Binns - GESCHN allied health secondment program Michael Curtin - Participation following traumatic brain injury in regional, rural and remote NSW Jayne Moyle - My first 'real job'
Ruth Connors - Who stops the footrot? Interviews with Aboriginal health workers trained in Indigenous Diabetic Foot Health program Carmel Blayden - Supporting allied health professionals working with children Areti Kennedy - Peer / Professional partnerships: A model of intervention for community mental health teams Robyn Adams and Sophie Anaf - Presume - a - bull, relocate - a - bull: Survive - a - bull
Lou Leidwinger - Tackling hearing health in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia Cherie Hazlitt - One paddock-many herds: The evolution of paediatric physiotherapy strength / skill groups in a rural setting Sharyn Bartlett and Tracey Zeiser - Paternalism to partnerships: A model of intervention for community mental health teams Lenny Aronsten - Now of never: Engaging Yanangu
Laura Coakes - Catch and cook, watch and learn Alison White - Teaming together in the bush Bev Barron - Primary mental health in rural New Zealand communities Anne Beeching-Steen - The long and winding road that leads to rural research

Conference Sponsors

SARRAH would like to thank the financial sponsors of the 2004 SARRAH National Conference for their support of this event

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Queensland Government Department of Health

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