2006 SARRAH National Conference Program and Papers

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2006 Conference Program and Papers

Thursday 14 September

SARRAH National Conference Day 1

Keynote 1: Kelly McTaggart - Working in the grey... A very colourful world
Concurrent Session A
Theme 1: Building bridges to better health Theme 2: Building Bridges to future workforce and health services Theme 3: Crossing Borders: Policy, fuding, sectors, jurisdictions Theme 4: Building bridges from students to rural and remote health workforce
Susan Waller - Rural interprofessional education in Australia: Networking to fill the vacuum Juliane Allan and Werri Whittenbury - Recruitment and retention of allied health workers in rural and remote primary health care: Are the issues understood? Michael Bishop - Leaky margins crossing borders: The need for intersectoral collaboration to build healthy remote and rural communities Narelle Campbell - Innovation in field education support
Amanda Nickson - Exploring peer supervision in virtual teams in rural and remote Australia (No document available) LuJuana Abernathy and Karen Bell - Allied Health New Recruits Orientation Workshop Kate Cuss - A partnership model development of recruitment and retention for allied health in the Central Hume Primary Care Partnership Elizabeth Williams - Planning and evaluationg positive rural electives for undergraduates
Lisa Staples - Allied Health by Design: Solutions in Rural Private Practice Sue Davies and Justin Harrison - An innovative model to attract and retain allied health professionals in rural areas Chris Challis - Applying organisational behaviour theories to improve rural allied health recruitment and retention Yvonne Thomas, Ilsa Nielsen and Wendy Pearce - Building bridges in rural and remote allied health professional education: The James Cook University Experience
  Meredith Padgett - Recruiting staff in tough times   Ivan Lin - After rural placement, what next? Factors associated with entry into rural workforce
Split Plenary Session 3
A - The Future Health Workforce B - Measuring what counts - Knowledge Transfer
Di Lawson - Allied health therapy assistants: Competency standards Glenys Cockfield - Measuring what counts: The Australian Allied Health Classification System - A refresher, update and questions
Rosalie Boyce - Occupational change and the Australian health workforce: Future scenarios for allied health and the rural and remote sector Jemma Skeat - Practical measures for evaluating outcomes: Development and use of the Australian Therapy Outcome Measures (AusTOMs)
Brenda McLeod - Allied health: Planning for the future from a state perspective Karen O'Rourke - Measuring what counts: Evaluating services provided by allied health teams in remote Australia
Joanne Symons - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It is an allied health professional Saravana Kumar - You've collected the data: What now?

Friday 15 September

SARRAH National Conference Day 2

Keynote 2: Jason Warnock - Key elements to the Indigenous Diabetic Foot Project
Keynote 3: Karen O'Rourke, Katherine Galligan, North and West Queensland Primary Health Care - North and West Queensland Primary Health Care Community-Based Workers
Concurrent Session B
Theme 1: Building bridges to better health Theme 2: Building bridges to future workforce and health services Theme 3: Crossing borders: Policy, funding, sectors, jurisdictions Theme 4: Building bridges from students to rural and remote health workforce
Jennie Hermiston - Daughters of the Land Linda Wilson - A methodology for describing the availability and accessibility of allied health services Debra Schulz - The Allied Health in General Practice Project Adrian Schoo - Educational needs of rural physiotherapists, the development of CPD and the effect on their clinical practice
Donna Currie - Sharing knowledge on the road to employment: Vocational rehabilitation strategies for mature-aged men Tony Smith - An investigation of the rural allied health workforce in northern NSW Shelagh Lowe - Implementation of primary health care policy in rural and remote Australia Julia Coyle - Appointment linked to academic personal and position development package addresses pharmacist recruitment in an area of need
Merrin Moran - Active Ageing Program Yvonne Thomas - Key attributes of allied health professionals working in very remote and rural communities Michael Bishop - Placement statements: An examination of the clinical practicum crisis from a rural and remote perspective Peter Bothams - Building the bridges of professional support: A model for supportiung rural and remote allied health professionals
Angela Titmuss and Mary-Jessimine  - University rural clinical placements: Who gets them and what makes them successful?   Katarina Josipovic - Breaking down the tyranny of distance in rural and remote health delivery (No document available) Anita Barbara - "Until you walk in my shoes": Understanding the relationship between rural and remote allied health practitioners and university programs
Concurrent Session C
Theme 1: Building bridges to better health Theme 2: Building bridges to future workforce and health services Theme 3: Crossing border: Policy, funding, sectors, jurisdictions Theme 4: Building bridges from students to rural and remote health workforce
Kate Vickers and Kylie Mason - Developing regional communication services: A community capacity building approach Elizabeth Williams - Lower back pain screening clinic in a rural region Kerry Hooper and Yvonne Thomas - Health professional partnerships and their impact on Aboriginal health: An occupational therapist and AHW perspective Helen Still - Delivering sustainable, nationally recognised training to nutrition and dietetic support staff across Queensland
Herbert Jelinek - Evidence-based uses of preventative medications in patients with cardiovascular risks and diseases David Sparshott and Jenny Wheeler - Physio at the front-line: Physio in a rural ED Carolyn Dunkley - A comparision of rural speech pathologists' and consumers' access and attitudes towards the use of information technology and telecommunications for speech pathology service delivery Susan Taylor - Incorporating interprofessional learn ing into the rural pharmacy curriculum
Jennifer Shirtcliff and Elizabeth O'Neil - Bush Nuts: Maintaining out workforce to achieve a common outcome Jeannine Millsteed - The costs of clinical education for occupational therapy students Julia Coyle - Building rural research capacity Susan Waller - Knowing your allied: Crossing borders in medical education (Document not available)

Saturday 16 September

SARRAH National Conference Day 3

Heather Jensen and Robyn Glynn - Development of postgraduate studies in community-based rehabilitation
Sharon Evans, Erica Whitehead and Sharleen Chilvers - Indigenous allied health service provision in Central Australia
Bishop Address: Professor Janet McCalman - Looking back to look forward: The historical determinants of rural women's health and well-being
Concurrent Session D
Theme 1: Building bridges to better health Theme 2: Building bridges to future workforce and health services Theme 3: Crossing borders: Policy, funding, sectors, jurisdictions  
Kerren Clark - Indigenous access to physiotherapy Catherine Mercer - Rural dental workforce enhancement: The establishment of a sustainable interprofessional care model Janelle Stewart - Allied health service delivery models: Can a private model work in a remote area?
Heather Jensen - Working with Australian Indigenous Communities Kathryn McCulloch - The Roma District Virtual Support Project: Connecting allied health services and classroom teachers in south-west Queensland Kim Erickson and Ngari Bean - Evaluation of the introduction of professional practice supervision to all allied health staff in the Rockhampton health district
Megan Smith - Does training physiotherapists in regional settings increase rural recruitment? Julie Pryor, Teena Campbell, Bev Morrisey, Jo Sutton and Sarah Langford - Enhancing the health of rural communities by providing rehabilitation services closer to home Cass Ingham, Craig Shields and Lynne Lambell - Old clinicians don't die... They become project officers: How to reinvent yourself when you want a change
Ivan Lin - Improving allied health service for Indigenous people in a regional WA town Ruth Beecham - Creating rural speech pathologists and rural speech pathology services: Using a partnership model to expand educational and serivce opportunities in rural NSW and Victoria  

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